Tankbusta Boomah

Tankbusta Nob


WS:4 BS:3 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:3 A:3 Ld:7 Sv:6+

Rokkit Launcha
Power Klaw
Tankbusta Bombs

Special Rules
’Ere We Go!
Furious Charge
Mob Rule
Tank Hunters
Glory Hog

Mass Reticulation Scope



Boomah came to Frick’s attention enough for Frick to actually remember his name in a battle where he and his Boyz launched wave after wave of rokkits right into the face of some space marines from the back of their trukk to great effect. After using enough of the slightly larger ’umies as target practice Boomah and his Boyz display a level of accuracy practically unheard of among Orks, hitting about half of the time they shoot. Boomah himself credits this to his Boyz knowing that its more fun to watch all the little bits of a space marine rain back down to the ground after getting hit with a rokkit than it is to watch the same rokkit just blow a chunk out of the terrain.

Tankbusta Boomah

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