Warboss Frick

'Ead 'oncho o' da Orks


WS: 5 BS:2 S:5 T:5 W:3 I:4 A:4 Ld: 9 Sv:2+

Twin-linked Shoota, Stikkbombs, Power Klaw, Da Lucky Stikk

Special Rules
’Ere We Go!
Furious Charge
Independent Character
Mob Rule

Camo Field


Frick wasn’t really intending to come to Vulcallus. It wasn’t like he was aiming for it or anything. But honestly he wasn’t aiming for anything in particular. Now that he’s here he doesn’t really care about the place, but now that he is here he might as well take the place. And if any of those other races that keep showing up think they can stop him, well, that’s just some proper entrainment and a great start to building a respectable Waaagh!

Warboss Frick

War for Vulcallus wickeddram