Imperial Guard Forces

Available RP:



65F, 67V,
73F, 74V, 75V,
79V, 80R, 81W, 82R, 83F,
86V, 87W, 88W, 89V

Total: 16

Army Upgrades:

Deployment Facility x5
Training Center x2
Logistical Support Center x1
Secret Weapon Laboratory x1
Fast Attack Barracks x1

Hex Tile Upgrades:

82R: Bunker Level 3, Huge Artillery Cannon, Battle Cannon Turret x3, Hydra Autocannon Turret x3
83F: Battle Cannon Turret x3, Hydra Autocannon Turret x3
74V: Battle Cannon Turret x3, Hydra Autocannon Turret x3
75V: Hydra Autocannon


Warp Blade (Lucanus)
Periapt of Madness (Hoargar)
Mass Reticulation Scope (Veteran Sergeant Polst)
Scepter of Suppression (Hoargar)



  • Hoargar Wolfmantle w/ Morkai’s Claws, Fellclaw’s Teeth, and Armor of Russ (200 points, Deceit: Infiltrate & Outflank, 0XP)
  • Jonnus Freydan Lucanus w/ Flakk Armor, power sword, plasma pistol, melta bombs, and Deathmask of Ollanius (130 points, Experienced Fighter: Tyranids, 12XP)


  • Saegis’ Wolfguard: WG Terminators x2 w/ wolf claws x2, WG Terminator w/ chainfist and heavy flamer, WG Terminator w/ thunder hammer and storm shield, Terminator Leader Saegis w/ thunder hammer and storm shield (+1A, 4XP), and dedicated Land Raider Redeemer w/ multimelta (Assault Tested, 0XP). (500 points)
  • Sythe’s Miltarum Tempestus Platoon: Platoon Command Squad /w meltagun x2, flamer x2 and Tempestor Prime (Steady and Reliable, 0XP). Tempestus Scions x9 w/ hot-shot volley gun x2 and tempest or (Ruthless Pragmatism, 0XP). Chimera (Assault Tested, 0XP). (330 points, 5XP)


  • Lofir’s Grey Hunters x9 w/ chainswords x7, meltaguns x2, power fists x2, plasma pistol, wolf standard, and Wolf Guard Pack Leader w/ storm shield and power fist (299 points, 0XP)
  • Gryre’s Platoon: Platoon Command Squad w/ meltagun x2 and plasma gun x2 (Tank Hunters, 10XP) and Chimera (10XP). Infantry Squads x2 with meltagun x2, flakk missile launcher x2, and sergeants w/ bolters x2 (Fleet/10XP, Specialists/10XP). Conscripts x26 (Infiltrators, 10XP). Heavy Weapons Squad w/ lascannons x3 (Specialist: Tank Hunter, 0XP). (500 points)
  • Polst’s Veterans w/ plasmagun x2, meltagun, and sergeant w/ bolter in Chimera w/ multilaser and heavy bolter. (166 points, 7XP, Specialists)
  • Albon’s Platoon: Platoon Command Squad w/ plasma gun x3 and heavy flamer, and commander w/ bolt gun (Steady and Reliable). Infantry Squads x2 with meltagun x2, weapon teams w/ autocannons x2, and sergeants w/ bolt guns x2 (Tank Hunters). Missile Launcher Heavy Weapon Squads x3 (Tank Hunters) (498 points, 0XP)

Fast Attack

  • Hellhound “Vulcan’s Viper” w/ heavy bolter and hunter-killer missile, Devil Dog x2 w/ heavy bolter and hunter-killer missile x2 (425 points, 15XP)
  • Vendetta “Nightscreamer” (170 points, Venerable, 3XP)
  • Thunderwolf Cavalry w/ Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield x1 and pair of Wolf Claws x2 (10XP, 225 points)

Heavy Support:

  • Heavy Artillery Carriage Battery “Nimbus Mortis” w/ Medusa Siege Cannons x3 w/ one extra crew x5 (330 Points, 16 XP, Fleet, Skilled)
  • Leman Russ Squadron “Draconis Rex” w/ Battle Tank x2 w/ lascannon x2, Exterminator w/ Heavy Bolter x3, Hunter-Killer Missile x3 (500 points, 19XP, Venerable, Prepared)

Lords of War:

  • Baneblade “Polyphemus” (525 points, 2XP, Veteran Cargo)


  1. Hoargar + Lofir’s Hunters (499 points)
  2. Nightscreamer + Sythe’s Scions (500 points)
  3. Draconis Rex (500 points)
  4. Lucanus + Gryre’s Platoon (500 points)
  5. Vulcan’s Vipers (425 Points)
  6. Albon’s Platoon (498 points)
  7. Saegis’ Wolfguard (500 points)
  8. Polst’s Veterans + Nimbus Mortis (496 points)
  9. Polyphemus (525 points)
  10. Thunderwolf Cavalry + Lucanus (355 points)

Imperial Guard Forces

War for Vulcallus aelkane