Other Vehicles

Experience Tables:

All Vehicles Rank 1

  1. Obscured Target: Vehicle gains +1 to any cover save, including Jink.
  2. Veteran Gunners: Choose one: vehicle gains +1 BS when vehicle did not move in previous movement phase, or gains +1 BS when its target didn’t move in its last movement phase.
  3. Venerable: You may force reroll on damage table when vehicle suffers a penetrating hit.
  4. Assault Tested: Vehicle may overwatch, including blast type weapons.
  5. Displacement Shield: Vehicle gains 5+ invulnerable save.
  6. Crewmen: If a friendly vehicle is wrecked, but not exploded, two pilots immediately disembark and count as part of that same unit. They have the following profile: WS3, BS3, S3, T3, W1, A1, Ld8, Sv 5+, and are equipped with a bolt pistol equivalent.

Transport Vehicles Rank 2

  1. Veteran Cargo: Choose one: vehicle may add a transport capacity of 6, or vehicles becomes an Assault Vehicle.
  2. Quick Unloading: Transported units may disembark normally during movement even if vehicle moved more than 6”.
  3. Gyro-Harnesses: Models inside the transport may use their normal ballistic skill even when the vehicle moves at cruising speed.
  4. Murder-Holes: Choose one: transport counts as Open Topped for the purpose of determining firing points, or, once per game, when the vehicle is assaulted, the assaulting unit takes a number of S5 AP- hits equal to the number of embarked models.
  5. Veteran Driver: Choose one: vehicle may move an extra d6” when moving flat-out, or, vehicle ignores dangerous terrain tests.
  6. Evasive Maneuvers: vehicle gains Jink.

Non-Transport Vehicles Rank 2

  1. Steady Aim: Choose one: Vehicle may gains Split Fire, or, moving doesn’t affect vehicle’s BS.
  2. Precise Shot: Shots made by the vehicle are Precision Shots on a To Hit roll of 5+, and target must reroll successful Look Out Sir rolls.
  3. Prepared: Vehicle’s weapons gain Interceptor and Skyfire (excluding blast and template weapons).
  4. Quick Reloading: Unit may choose one weapon to fire one extra shot per round.
  5. Command Vehicle: Vehicle gains a transport capacity of 6.
  6. Crack-Shot: Vehicle gains +1 BS.

All Vehicles Rank 3

  1. Impregnable: AP1 and AP2 weapons don’t gain bonuses rolling on the Vehicle Damage Table when penetrating this vehicle, and vehicle is immune to the Melta, Armorbane, and Lance rules.
  2. Reinforced Plating (Front): Vehicle gains +1 front armor.
  3. Reinforced Plating (Side and Rear): Vehicle gains +1 side armor and +1 rear armor.
  4. Quasi-Heretical Tinkering: Chose one: choose one heavy weapon to gain the Blast rule, or choose one blast weapon to gain the Large Blast rule, or choose one template to gain the Torrent Rule.
  5. Upgraded Guns: All weapons fired by vehicle are fired at +1S.
  6. Force Field: Vehicle gains 4+ invulnerable save.

Other Vehicles

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