Unit Experience

Experience Tables:

After units have survived a couple of battles, and are learning war the hard way they are also gaining experience in the field. Naturally a squad which is used to combat will be more effective. This is represented by giving squads experience points, and different abilities. There are three types of XP categories, HQ, Squads/Walkers, and Vehicles. Each will gain different abilities as they progress. If a squad is wiped out, the XP and any of the unit’s abilities are also lost, even if the same unit is repurchased later.

Experience (XP) can be earned in multiple ways:

  • At the end of a battler, all units still on the table, and not Falling Back receive 5 XP.
  • After a battle the winning player can nominate one of his units, that unit gains an additional 5 XP.
  • Wiping out an enemy squad or destroying a vehicle is worth 2 XP for the unit. Only the unit that dealt the final blow receives XP.
  • Dedicated transports gain XP separately from their unit.

Named Characters may not gain XP. XP may be used in two ways: either purchasing a direct upgrade to one stat or purchasing a role on the appropriate ability table. Direct stat purchases may be made at the XP costs below for all units except non-walker vehicles:

When purchasing a roll on the XP table the unit pays 10 XP and rolls a d6 and compares that to the tables below. Any Independent Characters use the Independent Character table; walkers and any other non-vehicle unit use the Squads and Walkers table, while vehicles use the Vehicle table. The first time a unit purchases a roll it must roll on the rank 1 table. If a unit already has an ability from the rank 1 table it may roll on either the rank 1 or rank 2 table. If a unit has an ability from the rank 2 table it may roll on any of the three tables. If a unit rolls for an ability they already gained from the chart they roll again, but roll 2d6 and chose which ability they wish to receive. If one of the 2d6 rolls an ability they have already gained they reroll that die until a new ability is rolled.
If for any reason the benefits cannot be applied (such as a model gaining fleet, when it already naturally has the fleet rule) it rerolls on the chart.

Unit Experience

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