Experience Tables:

Walkers Rank 1

  1. Calm and Collected: Overwatch shots made by this unit are made at full BS.
  2. Servo-Stabilization: shots are twin-linked if walker didn’t move last two movement phases.
  3. Elusive: Walker gains Jink.
  4. Serpentine: Walker gains Stealth and Move Through Cover.
  5. Anti-grav Thrusters: Unit gains the Jump type.
  6. Careening: Walker may tank shock and ram, and counts as AV 13 for those purposes.

Walkers Rank 2

  1. Reckless: Walker gains an additional 1d3 hammer of wrath attacks, and gains Smash.
  2. Preserve The Machine Spirit: Unit may make a Look Out Sir (5+) Roll after being hit to assign the hit to an intervening model within 6" that granted it with a cover save.
  3. Resilient: May reduce a penetrating hit to a glance on a roll of 4+
  4. Modular Repairs: Walker gains It Will Not Die (4+)
  5. Instinctive Positioning: As long as it is not immobilized, shooting attacks are always resolved against its front armor.
  6. Inviolable: Walker ignores the first glancing hit it takes each phase.

Walkers Rank 3

  1. Reinforced Plating (Front): Vehicle gains +1 front armor.
  2. Reinforced Plating (Side and Rear): Vehicle gains +1 side armor and +1 rear armor.
  3. Quasi-Heretical Tinkering: Chose one: choose one heavy weapon to gain the Blast rule, or choose one blast weapon to gain the Large Blast rule, or choose one template to gain the Torrent Rule.
  4. Upgraded Guns: All weapons fired by vehicle are fired at +1S.
  5. Force Field: Vehicle gains 4+ invulnerable save.
  6. Impregnable: AP1 and AP2 weapons don’t gain bonuses rolling on the Vehicle Damage Table when penetrating this vehicle, and vehicle is immune to the Melta, Armorbane, and Lance rules.


War for Vulcallus aelkane